Going Through the Motions

I’m very sleepy today.  The small one has a sinus infection and is home for the day.  We’ve been to the doctor and the grocery story and the drug store.  Have more errands to run this afternoon.  I finally got a 20 -Oz. Coke and maybe will wake up eventually.

Have a paper due this Sunday and am due to be peer reviewed this week for a project. So it will be interesting. I have a lot of the paper formed in my head, I just need to write it down.  So that is my job this week.  Then give all my residency books to the library.  I wish there were some I wanted to keep, but there just aren’t.  ANyway.

Bob is going out of town not this weekend but next.  He’s going to the Grand Ole Opry and staying at the Grand Ole Opry Hotel. He says he wants to sleep late and read. I think we are going to go see my parents while he is gone. I’ll talk to Mom and se if she is amenable to that.  add

I need to get some more projects going for my New Media class, We’re soon going to be at the deadline to turn it all in.  I have to finish my hypertext project, put music to my electronic poem, put text to my trailer, finish my geopoems, and an extended work up of an image and text project   So  I have a lot of partial things done but nothing quite finished.

Hope everyone has a good week!


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