Working Hard Today

I realized that my library books were due today that I had checked out for the trip to see the authors, so I had motivation finally to really work on my paper and get it done so I could turn the book in this afternoon.  I think I did well; I squeezed out five pages after I set the font to  the correct size. (Times New Roman 12 point).  I’ll turn it in later this afternoon after I let it rest and make sure it’s what I want it to be.

I also turned in a fiction submission to a journal in New Jersey.  They had sent my department head a call for submissions and he forwarded it to all of us,.  I try to act on things he sends to us so he is not wasting his time in doing so.  I had a short-short story, written into he form of four newspaper articles, telling about a double murder that isn’t quite what it seems.  SO I sent it in and will hear I reported how well things were going with my mew medication, and he seemed  with that.  SO that was a good thing.

I am really trying hard to not give up hope for this blog.  I don’t’ feel like I am reaching people because I may get a lot of hits on one day out of a month, but I generally see less than 10 hits per day. This after a year of blogging.  I’m just discouraged and don’t know if my story of doing well is resonating with people who need hope.   I would hope so, but it’s not translating into consistent readers.  I just need guidance on what to do with it, I guess.


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