Still haven’t’ heard back from my doctor about how my meds are working. I don’t think I’m gong to because he says he’d rather have me sluggish than up.  SO saying I” ve slowed down some won’t budge him.  Just hoping to do better in the coming days.,

I have finished all but one project for my college class. I still have to have one more workshopped, so I may wind up revising it somewhat.  But otherwise, I’m just about all set.  I still need to write an “artist’s statement” which I’m not sure what that is.  I think I will Google how to do that and see what turns up.  That’s 10% of my grade, so I need to do it right, also.

Waiting for the middle one to come home so I can show her how I finished one project she helped me with early on, teaching me how to use PowerPoint.  So that will be nice.  It’s a heck of a lot more complicated to do than it looks once it’s finished.  Hopefully that will be taken into consideration.

I’ve finally run out of stuff to send off :).  What short stories and essays I have handy have either been published or are under consideration somewhere.  I need to do more, I suppose.  Trouble is, I. haven’t had a good idea for more in quite some time.  But I’ve published my esasy, “Day by Day”, my short stories “Ave Maria” and “Holding or On”. “Freedom to Breathe” is slated for December, and I sent off my novella “Looking for Home” and my poetry collection.   ANd I’ve published at Defying Shadows. SO I relly have a nice list of publications at this point.


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