SO Bob shipped out this morning on his way to Nashville.  He’s already called me three times and hasn’t even gotten there yet :).  I think he’s going to miss us all.

I’m going to visit my parents tomorrow with the girls and see how they are doing.  I’ t’s been a while since we’ve visited them. So it’s a great opportunity to run up there for the day.  ANd I’ll take pictures for my final project for New Media while we’re there.

FInshed my video project finally.  I just didn’t feel good about it being so short and not very well developed, so I redid it and expanded it quite a bit.  I recorded narration and had a lot of problems with that until I finally got it right.  So that’s another redone project off my list.

My oldest just called–she had a scholarship dinner today and met the owner of a collection of restaurants in town at her table, and after talking to her for a while he offered her his business card and told her to call him if she ever needed a job or an internship.  SO she was very excited.  I hope her original plan for an internship works out, but if not, this would be a great fallback position and a good opportunity with him for her.  So that’s exciting news.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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