Still in School

So I have a teleconference today with my professor, but my kids are out for the week.  We will see how this works.  I don’t have anything due this week thankfully.  ALl I have to still turn in is my final portfolio and my artist’s statement.  So I feel like I’m in a pretty good place so far for the semester.

Trying to get laundry done before we go out of town later this week.  Fun fun.  My middle one is doing church work this week so she will be busy.  The young one is going off with a friend today and should have fun. I’ll have the house to myself for a lot of the day, which will be nice to get things done.

I really screwed up yesterday.  I took my night meds in the morning.  And then had to take my morning meds on top of them. Luckily I managed okay.  I’ve caught myself almost doing it before, but this time I just swallowed the whole set before I realized that it was the wrong set.  A little scary to realize what I had done but like I said, I managed okay



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