Sneaking Around

We’re playing the first of Christmas music in the house because we are baking the first cookies of the holiday season and that just calls for carols.  Listening to Straight No Chaser singing “Christmas Cheer”.  I love this album.  And it was the first one I found when I started looking. So there. But I’ll need to finish it before Bob comes home because he doesn’t like Christmas music too early.  So.

My conference went well yesterday–now we’re working on little ticky things about the projects.  I need to rotate a photo on a video and he wanted more links in my hypertext story.  So that will be fun to do.  I’ve already done most of what I’m going to do on the hypertext story–I’ve gotten ti up to 48 pages and think that’s almost too long. I have to recut the whole video to rotate a photo so I’m not really happy about that. But I’ll get it worked out.

I’ll be packing this afternoon for our trip out of town for Thanksgiving. I’ve almost got everyone’s laundry done.  I just hope everything goes well this year.  Everyone including me gets so touchy this time of year.  I will have to be careful and bite my tongue a lot.  But we’ll see how everyone behaves.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and a Happy Thanksgiving!



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