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Still haven’t’ heard back from my doctor about how my meds are working. I don’t think I’m gong to because he says he’d rather have me sluggish than up.  SO saying I” ve slowed down some won’t budge him.  Just hoping to do better in the coming days.,

I have finished all but one project for my college class. I still have to have one more workshopped, so I may wind up revising it somewhat.  But otherwise, I’m just about all set.  I still need to write an “artist’s statement” which I’m not sure what that is.  I think I will Google how to do that and see what turns up.  That’s 10% of my grade, so I need to do it right, also.

Waiting for the middle one to come home so I can show her how I finished one project she helped me with early on, teaching me how to use PowerPoint.  So that will be nice.  It’s a heck of a lot more complicated to do than it looks once it’s finished.  Hopefully that will be taken into consideration.

I’ve finally run out of stuff to send off :).  What short stories and essays I have handy have either been published or are under consideration somewhere.  I need to do more, I suppose.  Trouble is, I. haven’t had a good idea for more in quite some time.  But I’ve published my esasy, “Day by Day”, my short stories “Ave Maria” and “Holding or On”. “Freedom to Breathe” is slated for December, and I sent off my novella “Looking for Home” and my poetry collection.   ANd I’ve published at Defying Shadows. SO I relly have a nice list of publications at this point.



JusI  found out that I have to get a second MMR immunization to continue going to school ONLINE.  Ridiculous.  I got my childhood shots to go to school and there wasn’t a 2-shot requirement for MMR back then.  There is one now.  SO after jumping through hoops to get my original shot record, now I have to jump through hoops to get a second shot.  For an ONLINE program. Again, ridiculous.  But it must be done so I’m going tomorrow or Thursday to do it so I have it turned in by Christmas.  Insane.

In other news my youngest daughter is getting better from her sinus infection.  We’re hoping she’ll be all right by this weekend.  Bob goes off on his little alone trip on Friday so I have the younger girls to myself Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We’re going to go see my parents on Saturday  all day since they haven’t’ seen the girls in a while, and Sunday we’ll go to church and be back waiting for Bob to come home.  I think it’ll be an easy weekend.  We will see,

Bob is worried that my new medicine isn’t working as well as we had hoped.  I don’t’ know what to tell him.  I feel better and I’m doing more, but he doesn’t see it that way.  So I called my doctor to see if I need to increase the dosage or what.  So there is uncertainty on that front.


Busy day.  Went to DMV with the middle one to get a full driver’s license..  Then went grocery shopping, came home and found another submission notice in my inbox, this time from a group called the ,Gordian Review, forwarded by my professor.  So I sent two pieces in and will work on a the third piece to send in for nonfiction. Hopefully I will hit paydirt somewhere else if I keep sending out.  Then took the small one back to the dentist and to the drug store. So that is the plot so far.  A lot of balls to  juggle in the air.

ANd the middle one is playing in a play tonight and tomorrow.  So very busy she stays–she’s missing indoor percussion and dance practice to do this play.  So we will see how she does tomorrow night when we go.  Right now I have dinner in the oven and the usual dread that I have forgotten something important.

Hope everyone has had a good start to their week!

Forgot My Meds

Not exactly forgot.  Just took them later in the day than usual.  We will see how this goes.  Hopefully it won’t be a problem.

Listening to Louis Prima this morning to celebrate Adolphe Sax’s 201st birthday.  :). Not really.  Found out about the birthday via a Google doodle and listening to Prima because I didn’t finish it out yesterday.  Silly stuff.  But I like it.  A lot of novelty songs but some true jazz classics too

I’m working on a project for my class that uses both images and text.  I’m trying to tell my story using bits and pieces from my memoir but am running out of images in our library collections on the computer to use in it.  I don’t’ do pictures very well–as a subject, photographer, or manipulator.  But I’m trying to do it as an extended project.  So I need more images.  I guess I can just search and search for other types as well–landscapes, etc.  I’ll just keep working on it.

Remission feels really good.  Just in case you were wondering.  Everybody have a great weekend!

Working Hard Today

I realized that my library books were due today that I had checked out for the trip to see the authors, so I had motivation finally to really work on my paper and get it done so I could turn the book in this afternoon.  I think I did well; I squeezed out five pages after I set the font to  the correct size. (Times New Roman 12 point).  I’ll turn it in later this afternoon after I let it rest and make sure it’s what I want it to be.

I also turned in a fiction submission to a journal in New Jersey.  They had sent my department head a call for submissions and he forwarded it to all of us,.  I try to act on things he sends to us so he is not wasting his time in doing so.  I had a short-short story, written into he form of four newspaper articles, telling about a double murder that isn’t quite what it seems.  SO I sent it in and will hear I reported how well things were going with my mew medication, and he seemed  with that.  SO that was a good thing.

I am really trying hard to not give up hope for this blog.  I don’t’ feel like I am reaching people because I may get a lot of hits on one day out of a month, but I generally see less than 10 hits per day. This after a year of blogging.  I’m just discouraged and don’t know if my story of doing well is resonating with people who need hope.   I would hope so, but it’s not translating into consistent readers.  I just need guidance on what to do with it, I guess.

Fifth Grade Math

My young one is asking me questions about fifth-grade math, and I don’t know how to help he her. I feel so helpless. Anything beyond long division is beyond me now. I don’t even know basic algebra anymore.

I’ve never liked numbers–my mom tells me it took forever for me to learn them compared to the alphabet. ANd I believe it. My middle one has a math-and-science brain, so I’m looking for her to do well in life. She wants to become some type of engineer. SO we are happy about that. My husband has a math brain, particularly about money. So he’s an accountant. Usually my youngest doesn’t need help with her math homework either, so today is unusual.

I went to see my therapist today.  We talked about BOb going off on his trip next week.  She wanted to know how I felt about that I told her I was generally okay with it but wondered by it was so sudden. It’ll be a good chance to meet up with my mom and dad without him and dad being antagonistic.  So we will see.

Had a dental cleaning too,  Not much fun.  But I had no cavities, so that is a good thing.  I really hate going to the dentist. Nothing against them personally–I’ve always hated the dentist.  So that was my morning.   SO the rest of the day has to be better than that 🙂

Going Through the Motions

I’m very sleepy today.  The small one has a sinus infection and is home for the day.  We’ve been to the doctor and the grocery story and the drug store.  Have more errands to run this afternoon.  I finally got a 20 -Oz. Coke and maybe will wake up eventually.

Have a paper due this Sunday and am due to be peer reviewed this week for a project. So it will be interesting. I have a lot of the paper formed in my head, I just need to write it down.  So that is my job this week.  Then give all my residency books to the library.  I wish there were some I wanted to keep, but there just aren’t.  ANyway.

Bob is going out of town not this weekend but next.  He’s going to the Grand Ole Opry and staying at the Grand Ole Opry Hotel. He says he wants to sleep late and read. I think we are going to go see my parents while he is gone. I’ll talk to Mom and se if she is amenable to that.  add

I need to get some more projects going for my New Media class, We’re soon going to be at the deadline to turn it all in.  I have to finish my hypertext project, put music to my electronic poem, put text to my trailer, finish my geopoems, and an extended work up of an image and text project   So  I have a lot of partial things done but nothing quite finished.

Hope everyone has a good week!