Sticker Shock

Got started Christmas shopping and literally quit in shock at what I spent in two stops. Unbelievable.  SO I came home and am about to start addressing Christmas cards.  We will see how that goes.

FOund out I need another shot for school.  THis whole ordeal is getting a little ridiculous.  They said they needed the second mumps shot documented as well. They had told me first that it was only a  second measles  and rubella shot that I needed. SO I got the MMR, and now they want the second mumps shot, too.  All for an online program. Ridiculous.

Listening to Elvis Presley’s Christmas music.  Just the right mix of holiday cheer and melancholy for my mood.  Trying to stay awake and do laundry, too.  SO it’s a busy day.  Church tonight and all that goes with that.  The younger one sings in church next Sunday for Christmas, so we are looking forward to that.




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