New News

I’ve been asked to guest post again over at, this time about mental wards.  I already had a bit written about it, I just reviewed it a bit and made a couple of tweaks.  I also revised my bipolar story in pictures project for New Media, adding one more incident and another picture,  for the same group and they’re going to publish it under a new feature called “Bipolar Diary” that comes out every Wednesday.  SO I’m looking forward to that.

I have an idea for a nonfiction Christmas story that I’ll likely be working on in the next few days–it’s about me and my dad building a nativity scene out of my Barbie doll collection when I was a kid.  It’s really funny and hopefully touching at the same time.   I thought it up last night.

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep.  I just lay there with my mind spinning around. I don’t know what that was about.  It was like the time I was at my class and stayed awake so long one night, only I couldn’t get up and work on anything without waking up BOb.  SO I just thought a lot and did some of the projects today.

Have my late teleconference for my college class tonight.  I should run up on theses people again next semester but it will be a different grouping and a different dynamic in my nonfiction workshop class. Different instructor, too. I hope I get to have Dr. Dunkelberg again before I finish because he has been so good and understanding this semester.



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