Finally Done

I uploaded the final portfolio today for my Writing for New Media class.  I hope they all go over well  with my instructor.  I dont’ feel good about one of them because I discovered that photos I thought I had taken were not on my computer when it came time to upload the project.  So it’s not all I wanted it to be, and I’m disappointed in myself for not checking it out more thoroughly   before I left from where I was photographing. But hopefully the other projects can pick up its slack.

One daughter is in a Christmas parade and another at dance practice.  It’s been a long day.  I’ve tried to stay awake more than I have been doing without accomplishing very much.  So I’ve been a little bored.

I’m having trouble with Christmas spirit so far.  Both me and BOb are having trouble.  I think it’s because the kids are so much older now.  It’s not as much fun.  We’ve got a few shopping days scheduled, so hopefully our spirits will pick up by then.  I think decorating the houe this weekend will help, too.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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