Christmas Decor

So today we started putting up Chirstmas trees.  We got them out of storage last night but didnt’ get around to putting anything up until today.  We have two smaller trees up and still have to put up the big one.   Then I need to wrap presents to go under them.  My youngest helped me decorate this afternoon when she came home from school. . We had a pretty good time working on them.

I slept a lot of today.  That was one reason she was such a big help.  I just can’t get very motivated this year.  I don’t know why.  It seems to get tougher and tougher every year. I’ll talk to my counselor about it next week and hopefully get a plan to get things done before school is out.  We’re going shopping Wednesday to get stuff for the girls and our parents and such. I need to sort out what we have already bought and see who all we need to buy for.    

MY mood is good, but the initiative is just not here this year.  I’ve already finished my school work and am waiting on my final grades.  I’m really nervous about one of my projects making the grade–the other four I feel pretty confident in.  But we will see.



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