Amazing Day

So today was an amazing day.  I spent it Christmas shopping with Bob and just had the best time.  We started and ended at our favorite coffee shop, we hit eight stores in between, and we finished almost all the shopping.  We still have a Wal-Mart run to make to finish up, but we’re largely done.  We give our angel tree presents to the church tonight so they can be given to the families.  We bought online what we couldn’t find in stores and just had a good time listening to Christmas CD”s all day and spending, spending, spending on our family for the season. We made lists and checked them off. We sang along with the CD’s, just had a good time together all day long.  Now we’re waiting to go to church tonight.

Got the news that my guest posts are up and running at Defying from my new media class project,.  That is such a good feeling.  I have to get an A in it if it’s good enough to get published, right?

My spirits have been up all day long.  I think part of it was spending time with Bob and part of  it was actually getting something accomplished.  I did manage a box of Christmas cards before bed last night, so that was a good feeling too to mail them off this morning.  Now I need to get serious about wrapping and bagging presents to go under the tree once we finally get it up.  Bless Bob, he tried putting it up this afternoon but it wouldn’t’ cooperate, then he started sneezing and coughing from all the dust off of it.  So it’s going to have to wait another day.

My oldest comes home from college tomorrow so I need to wrap at least a few of her gifts tonight, tree or no tree. That’ll probably wrap up the day for me today and I  will sleep good tonight.  Here’s to all of us moms trying to keep everything straight during this busy season,


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