So Today was Ordinary

So today I came back down to earth a bit.  Went to the doctor and lost my car in the parking garage.  I had to get security to help me find it.  ONe of many things that makes me think I am losing my mind again.  I hope not.

On the other hand, my oldest is home from college and we have had fun together today, doing lunch out and just being around each other this afternoon.  WE’ll get to the Christmas tree tomorrow, she says.  SO I am looking forward to the help.

Now my middle one is stuck on the Hallmark Channel too.  Only me and the oldest are able to resist.  I’m sorry. I like my holiday specials animated, not live-action.  I’m waiting for the rest of the Rankin-Bass specials and for The Grinch to eventually come on so  I can watch them again.  So far I’ve had enough of romantic comedy since Thanksgiving to last me for forever.  It’s just an acquired taste, I guess.  ANd I haven’t gotten bit yet.  We’ll see.



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