Rare Saturday Post

 I know I stopped posting Saturdays a long time ago–but felt that today deserved a note.  I knocked out the rest of the Christmas cards this morning while waiting for my middle one to take the ACT college test, then while Bob and the girls shopped for my Christmas presents, I got busy wrapping theirs and putting them under the tree, along with a lot of others.  I’ve had a lot of energy today–I don’t know if I just finally got a good night’s sleep or what.

I had the hardest time finding things to tell my family to buy me for Christmas.  My middle one grilled me over lunch with lots of questions Slowly she drew out some of really good ideas.  So I feel confident that I’ll have good goodies under the tree this year.  My family is always good Santas to me.

But I get the feeling that the next weeks are going to be long.  My classes are over and I don’t start again until January 20th.  I still have a few baking chores to do for a couple of holiday parties, and I go see my therapist and  hairdresser next week as well.  But I’m looking at some slow days until Christmas.  And then some more afterwards waiting for the others to go back to school.  I need to find a good way to fill the days rather than sleeping and surfing Facebook.



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