We’re having a Christmas party for my middle one’s friends–they swapped presents and are watching a sappy Christmas movie and talking.  They just finished our copy of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and had a nice time with that, they seemed to.  They’ve done pizza and cake and are enjoying themselves.

It’s a drizzly day here not much for holiday spirit here in Mississippi.  But we need the moisture and the colder temps to get the bugs down in the spring and summer.

Last night we spent  the night at a cousin’s house playing Bingo for presents and fellowshipping together. It’s was all my mom’s nieces and nephews and their relations and we had a good time. It was just me, the oldest, and the youngest from our branch because the middle one was still down with her teeth and Bob stayed with her to take care of her.  My mom sent down a couple of packages since she was left out for the Bingo gifts.  She got a Dalek Christmas ornament so that made her very happy in her medicated state.



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