Star Wars Edition

So we went and saw the newest Star Wars movie.   Very well made in my humble opinion.  A lot of elements from the original series and of course reprises of the roles by the original actors was very gratifying to someone who saw  the original at age six in 1977.  The old chemistry was there between them all and gave the movie some of its original magic.  Of course as steeped as we all are in this family in the original books written after the movies, it was hard to see all that ink go down the drain.  And if you weren’t steeped in all of that, I can see where the light backstory done would be frustrating.  But it was a movie I wouldn’t mind seeing again, and this is from someone who generally hates movies.

We were up late last night with the girls staying over and so we’ve all been tired today.  But going to the movie was a good thing.  We also hit another milestone today–our youngest got her ears pierced this morning for Christmas. So that was a bit of a big deal for her.  She’s wearing birthstone studs for February, whatever.stone that is. WE will see how it goes.

I’m having more and more days where I don’t even think about bipolar disorder.  THis was one of those days.  WE finally got in the last of our Christmas gifts and wrapped them when we got home from dinner. Maybe the day will come when I no longer have to think about it except when I take my meds.  I hope so.



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