So we went to see my mom/dad/sister/bro-in-law/niece today and had a good time with all of them.  Tomorrow on Christmas Day we go see Bob’s mom/ and dad/sister/bro-in-law/3 nephews and have a celebration with them.  SO we will get a lot accomplished and be back in our own beds again that night.

Glad I went through the presents today–I had not wrapped enough for my y9ungest and had to pull out two I had thought would be from Santa and wrap them quickly.  Luckily I had some just-right -size gift bags left from wrapping.  THat’s the second mistake I’ve made this year wrapping–we discovered the other when my cousin today unwrapped two candles instead of just one.  The other was supposed to be shipped to another cousin in another state.  So we have to check with them and make sure they didn’t get an empty box!

Hope everything is going well with you and yours this holiday season. Merry Christmas!



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