So we’ve started a massive cleanup operation to get the Christmas stuff taken care of and fit Christmas presents into my youngest one’s room. She is bad about not wanting to get rid of things she no longer plays with And my efforts to help result in arguments instead of results.  SO her older sisters have been helping her today and making lots of progress.  I don’t know if we’ll get the whole room done today or not, but they are trying.  Which is more than  I’ve been able to accomplish. WE’re going to try to pack it into my husband’s truck for a trip to a collection point for poor children and families tonight.  So that will get the “donate” stuff out of my living room and out of the house before the young one changes her mind about anything.

I’m sad to report today that my dad’s only brother passed away at midnight Saturday night.  WE’ll be going to the funeral tomorrow. He has been sick for about a year but worsened around October and spent about a month-and-a-half in the hospital trying to stabilize him.  Finally they simply sent him home since his wife had nursing experience so as to allow him to die at home.  I’ll see all my cousins I didn’t get to see at Christmas on my dad’s side of the family. It’s sad but will ultimately be a blessing because he was so sick.   I just feel for my dad.  HE has said that his brother’s really been “gone” for a long time because he was forgetful and couldn’t’ keep track of conversations.  SO he’s been preparing himself for a while.  ANd my dad lost a sister last year the same way, so it’s been difficult.

It’s been hard to handle today. I called my husband around ten and said I was just overwhelmed and couldn’t get anything done.  I had started laundry but that was all.   I finally talked the oldest into helping with the kitchen and did the master suite myself and my laundry.  ANd I’ve been refereeing  between the other two in cleaning the youngest one’s room.  SO I feel better about the house finally.



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