Long Day Already

I am having trouble finding meaning in my life right now.  I feel like I’m at a standstill in my life. Hopefully I will feel better once school starts and I have something to take me out of my own head again.  I just feel very, very frustrated with what I’m able to accomplish nowadays. I’m rebelling against my limitations again.  I feel so helpless right now. ALl I can do is take my meds and hope for the best, it seems like. I’m trying to pray through it, but it seems hopeless.  I know it’s not with my intellectual brain.  But my emotional brain keeps screaming too loudly for me to hear that.

I wish my life were simpler.  I have so much to balance all the time. ANd watching out for my kids seems difficult when I can’t even watch out for myself adequately.  Trying to keep watch over myself seems to take up all my time.


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