I feel somewhat better. . .

about life today.  I think I got a good night’s sleep and that helps. My younger kids went back to school today and that seemed to go well when they left.  They were ready, I think.  I start my homeschool class this Friday and look forward to that even if it is only one student this semester.  It’ s going to be interesting.

Long day but busy–I’ve done laundry and all that early this morning and finished up early.  SO I’m a little sleepy and tired already. But I will see if I can stay awake and not nap today.

Got a note from my program director about the next semester and will soon be starting class.  We have five new students in the program this term and it will be interesting meeting them. I’ll send in my tuition check this week and should get my last textbook soon I ordered yesterday.  I’ll start reading for class soon to go ahead and get a leg up on what I’ll need to do for the term.

Hope the first full week of the new year is a good one for everyone.

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