Went out to meet Jo today for coffee at Cups in Flowood.  We had a good time talking together. I am always amazed at how intentional she is.  We talked about our spiritual lives and she was bubbling over about a new book she had found and about reading The Message Bible again in the new year. I’m just kind of floating with the jetsam in mine right now, trying to reestablish my connection to God through prayer and not feeling like I am doing very well at it.  Most of it has been focused on what I need to be doing to build for whatever the next step is in my life after graduate school. What do I need to be doing now so I will get where I want to be after graduate school?

The trouble is that I know what I want to do after graduate school but I don’t know what God has planned for me.  I have three very good avenues open to me at that point, but I don’t know which one to prepare for. Two of them have very similar preparation paths; i.e. trying to publish as much as I can will help me either write a book after graduation and get it published or will help me get a creative writing position somewhere if I have a solid publication record.  So that is where I want to concentrate my energy right now.  But it’s a notoriously difficult path to walk and not very lucrative.  

So that is where I am right now.  That’s been the root of my latest  low mood is feeling low about my chances in that realm.  I’m feeling more optimistic right now so I hope that lasts or has some reinforcement once I start school again. WE will see how it goes after that.


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