Finally got a call back from my counselor.  I should see her Monday of next week. I am hoping that together we can work out a plan of action of some kind to alleviate the anxiety and the depression.

I really am anxious about keeping my stability in the face of all the things coming up that disrupt it. Dance competitions are way up there on my stress-o-meter.  So is a school project my y9ungest is involved in.  It’s done by the fifth grade class every year so this is our third time through it, and it stresses me out every time.

It’s not  science fair,  which I am so grateful we don’t do.  It’s Classroom City. KIds run for mayor, alderman, fire chief, etc. and have to design and implement a business to populate the city complete with projects to sell to their fellow students.  Mine is doing 200 “Fossil Charms” to sell to kids with play money.  Making two hundred of anything is a tall chore.  Mine came up with this idea herself and is making them at home every night to get ready before Spring Break gets here.

And we are preparing to go to Disney World in Orlando not to have a family vacation but to let the younger two dance in a Disney parade.  If you are looking for a  way to ruin a vacation at Disney World for a parent, this is it.  We did it two years ago and it was the most stressful thing between arranging logistics for practice to making sure they don’t dehydrate dancing for an hour in the sun

So between the actual events and the preparation for them (the youngest is now rehearsing for THREE hours every other Friday night), I honestly dont’ know what to do with all the stress.  And that is just what all my y9ungest is involved in.  MY middle one is just as involved and tied up as the youngest is, but she drives herself and doesn’t need me to attend her events like the youngest one does.

At least I am not working and am only taking one class this semester.  That should help.  BUt I can just foresee all that can go wrong and just don’t want to deal with it.   I know it sounds like whining, but that is honestly how I feel.  Anxiety of every stripe.

So pray that my counselor and I can work something out for me not to be a basket case.



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