Dance Hair

Well, this year instead of a dance bun, we’re doing a dance ponytail.  I am so relieved I can hardly stand it.  I may have a chance of doing this right.  So that was tonight, learning how they wanted their hair put up and how their eyes are supposed to look for onstage makeup.  So that was my night figuring that out.

Went and celebrated Mary Jane’s birthday today with lunch out.  I gave her two writing books and hope they will lead her back into writing.  She has such a talent for it.  So we talked about how things were going and how much she hated the people at her job.  That was why I gave her the writing books, you see–to convince her to go ahead and retire and spend her time writing.  WE will see how that turns out.

My oldest daughter goes back to school tomorrow. We will miss her but she will enjoy being back.  I just hope she’s able to find someone to help her in her microbiology class. She has a meeting with the head of the Honors Program  on Tuesday and will hopefully get the support she needs to come off probation on her scholarship.

Anyway.  I have felt pretty good all this week.  I slept in today because BOb said I tossed and turned and had bad dreams.  I don’t remember that, but that’s okay.  Life is good right now.  Hopefully I can stay this optimistic and hopeful for a while.


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