Slow Saturday

ANd I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can considering how busy they’re about to get.  My oldest shipped out this morning for college and the house is very quiet  Bob is reading, my middle one is doing trigonometry homework, and the y9ungest is playing in her room. I’ve been reading a book about the comic strip “Peanuts” which I am a huge fan of. How it started off, that sort of thing.  “Peanuts” started off with seven papers in 1952–by 2000, it appeared in 2,500  papers.

I’ve finally hit 6,000 views for the life of the blog.  Thanks to all of you out there who read and send me encouraging comments and such.  I know I’ve had a rough time of it lately, so I hang on by hoping that there’s someone out there I’m helping by being as honest as I can about my condition and about my ups and downs.  I so want to reach out to people with a realistic portrayal of bipolar disorder.  Hopefully one day I can compile these posts into a book and reach even more people. But that’s a dream for another day.




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