SO everyone has given me hope the past couple of days.  I saw my therapist yesterday and got some really concrete advice:  get outside and exercise,  try yoga as an exercise option, use prayer in whatever way helps alleviate the anxiety, and see my doctor to see if he could recommend a change in medicine.  SO I went to see my psychiatrist today, and he gave me new prescriptions for Lexapro to help boost the  Pristiq, and added Xanax for the anxiety.  A low dose to keep me on an even keel. So that is now three drugs I am taking in the place ere of the one drug Ability which my insurance will not pay for. So in one way it is kind of dreadful to be on so many medications, but in another it’s good to know that there is a plan in place.

I also went and signed up for a class that is combination Yoga and Pilates. I called around yesterday to the various health clubs and found one that offers a class in the morning on Wednesdays so I signed up for a club membership and will start off going to that once a week.  Hopefully it will help with the anxiety and the weight gain and help alleviate that.  That is the plan so far. Maybe after a while I can add in some elliptical work that will be no- or low-impact on my foot.

And I start classes at the university tomorrow morning as well, so that will tie up some of my excess mental energy as well. I am looking forward to it in that it is a nonfiction workshop and hopefully I can work on my book about being bipolar while in it. Depends on how she structures the class. I am so looking forward to starting it tomorrow.

So as always, there is hope no matter how hopeless you feel things are.  Pray and get strength from God.  Get help from your treatment team and your support network. Don’t let it go on without end.  Know that there is a way you can cope.



2 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. I am so glad your therapist and psychiatrist gave you hope. It is also very good of you that you’re taking their advice and taking concrete steps to make it work. I’ve never done pilates but yoga can be great.


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