Yoga Class

So I went to yoga class for the first time today. I felt like I was doing really well until we had to lie on our backs and the roll up into a sitting up position. I really tried.  I got stuck less than halfway up and just held it there for a little bit stretching my legs like she told us.  I finally rolled over and pushed myself up when that particular exercise was over.  But that was the only thing I really could not do–my big ol’ gut was just in the way.  And I rediscovered my hate for plate mirrors watching myself do things.  But I got through it with a minimum of soreness that was gone after we did the last relaxation exercise.  I came home, showered, washed my hair, and ate lunch.

I also signed up for my nonfiction class this morning before going to yoga. We’ll be doing  five essays, two long and three short and seeing how that goes.  Along with a lot fo reading. Which is fine.  THat’s what I bought the books for.  WE had to write an introductory bit about ourselves, and I noted again how inclined I am toward brevity because of my newspaper work.  I’m going to need to work on that in this class, I think. But that’s what I’m doing it for–to learn how to improve.

WEnt to church tonight and noticed again how low my anxiety was compared to when I walked into last Wednesday.  SO that was a good feeling. All in all a good day.  Hope that many more like it will  follow.


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