Sleepy Day

I don’t know if the Xanax is still in my system affecting me or what.  I have been sleepy all day, finally giving in and sleeping in this morning until almost lunchtime. I hate having to fight this battle everyday.  I have things to do.  I got  a part of my college assignment done and will finish it likely tomorrow as it is fairly late tonight.  I wish I could just live a normal life. Get up in the morning and accomplish the tasks of the day.  Not wait for the earliest possible chance to go to bed at night. Not stagger around the house comatose and out of it.  I’m so tired of it all.  Where do I go to trade in my life for a new one?

We haven’t had much snow, just little microscopic flurries that evaporate in the air.  It is cold, down around 35 degrees. That’s awfully cold for us here in Mississippi.  It’s supposed to get colder tonight but hopefully not ice over any overnight.  The bad stuff is north of us, up around Memphis or so and all points north.

I’ll get to sleep a little late tomorrow but not much–I’ll probably be up around eight or so.  The youngest one has a friend coming over to play tomorrow afternoon, and Bob and my middle one are trying to come up with something they can go do even with the cold.  So far they’re not having any luck figuring anything out.

Please pray that the Lexapro starts working soon in my body. I know it can take a few weeks to build up to therapeutic levels like most antidepressants, but I do not want to live like this anymore.  It is time to quit living a half-life.  I am sick of it.



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