So I am Confused Today

I have been thinking it was Tuesday ever since my youngest daughter came home.  I was getting ready to tell her to get ready for piano lessons when she asked me what was I doing? I said “Waiting to take you to piano.”  She just looked at me with her head tilted.  Then I realized it was Monday.  So that was embarrassing.

Got my first assignment for Nonfiction class and have to write a story about “home”.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do   I so far have three ideas floating around in my head and need to nail one of them down.  I think any one of them would make for a good essay.  But we will see.

Constant battle again to stay awake. I got up and got out early to get my oil changed and buy groceries, then came home and slept about a hour and a half.  I’ve felt halfway decent during the weekend and was hoping I was on the upswing.  Maybe later I will do better.

We’re having a bit of a revival in our church among the young people.  Several high schoolers were baptized last night, some of them my middle daughter’s friends.  I’m so glad to see God moving among the y9ung people.  They need so much help coping with what life is throwing at them nowadays.


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