I think I’m just going to have to go to Xanax every day and deal with the sleepiness–for a while anyway.  I just can’t control the anxiety right now any other way.  I managed last night fine, getting everyone where they needed to be right on time and in good time and without real stress, but that didn’t ease down my anxiety.  I cried and cried last night because I could not calm down. I finally took the Xanax and took it again this morning.

I’m working on my exercise for school, and I’m just not satisfied with it. It’s not as evocative as I want it to be. I guess I can keep working on it right up to the deadline.

I am so tired of dealing with this syndrome every spring.  SO far it is starting out to be the worst year in a long time.  ANd it’s starting so early. Usually I don’t have to worry until February.  I don’t’ want to have to go to the hospital.  I really don’t.  There’s no time for that.

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