First Dance Competition

So today was the first local dance competition.  We started getting ready for it at 7: 30 a.m. and barely got there by 9 a.m, when it started.  My anxiety has been communicated to my youngest child–she had to wear a hat for her first dance (the first one on the program), and when we took it off, of course her hair was ruined and had to be restyled in the gym bathroom of the venue.  She started crying.  Even though I wasn’t anxious due to my Xanax, there was no calming my child down until I just said we would get it done and there was no use crying as that would mess up her makeup and we’d have to redo it, too.  So she calmed down.  I hate this business.  So we are going to have to revise how we do hair from now on so we can leave on time and not have to redo it so often.  Very frustrating.

I have an assignment up for comments and haven’t received any.  I want to hear some feedback before I turn it in, but I may not get any.  We will have to see.  THe assignments due tomorrow; if I don’t get any by bedtime tonight, I’m just going to turn it in early and see how it does.

I have been so sleepy due to the Xanax.  But I guess I’m just going to have to get used to it.  I can’t take the anxiety and certainly don’t want to communicate it to my children.  We’ll see if I get habituated to it soon enough so that it keeps working but doesn’t sedate me so badly.

HOpe everyone has a good weekend!


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