First Paper

Turned in my first paper for class   yesterday and got immediate feedback on it today. She liked it a great deal but wondered why there wasn’t more “me” in it.  What was I thinking and feeling as I wrote it ?

I told her I was scared of how powerful the emotions it stirred in me were.  ANd they were powerful.  I cried for a couple of days after I conceived it because it brought out such  powerful feelings about my daddy in thinking about it.  About how scared I am to lose him someday.  Wondering if that day is coming sooner or later.  How I’m not prepared for it. But knowing that it is coming, likely in the next ten years or so.  So I asked her how to not “write scared”.  So we will see what she answers

But it was gratifying to get such positive feedback from a new  professor that I don’t know much about on a paper that was so personal.  Now I move on to the next exercise and see how I can do on it.




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