So. . .

aside from sleeping in until nine, today has gone surprisingly well.  I went and got my new prescription for Pristiq and found that he wrote it split–I take 100 MG in one pill and 50 MG in another.  SO I just got the 50 MG one filled and am taking it with the 100MG pills I already had. SO we will see how this goes.

We are trying to schedule our first videoconference as a class for next weekend which is my youngest daughter’s birthday weekend..  I told them I wan not available anytime Friday because of the preparations for my daughter’s sleepover, so hopefully we can find a time we can all get together.

I think one reason I feel better today is that the weather is better.  It’s not nearly as cold out and it’s sunny outside. I hope that’s a sign of an early spring. I don’t know if I’m going shopping for spring clothes or not this year–I want to lose the weight and not have to buy bigger sixes.  But I’m not sure if any of my vacation clothes I bought last year will even go on me. SO we will have to see.

I’m haying another symptom of depression–I’ve lost my appetite.  I’ve been noticing for the pas few days that I was only earning because it was time to eat, not because I was hungry.  SO I am gong to try to take advantage of that and start on a slimfast-type program where I have a liquid breakfast and lunch and a solid dinner.  Maybe that plus the working out will help slim me up somewhat.

SO a lot of irons in the fire for the next couple of weeks. We will see.



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