Other People

I  hate people sometimes.  We had arranged for a friend to come over and play with my youngest daughter–they’ve played together several times, been to each other’s birthday parties, etc.  We don’t know the parents very well.  We were waiting for them to come drop the friend off when the friend called and said she couldn’t come.  I said, “I’m sorry” with a question in it, expecting an explanation.  She just repeated herself and said she couldn’t come over  and play with my youngest this afternoon. I said again I was sorry and hoped they could get together soon.  And she just said bye and hung up.

I couldn’t believe it.  If it was an emergency of some kind, I would have expected the mom to call and explain.  But to lay it off on a ten-year-old who does not have the social skills for this?  My daughter was crushed.  I may not have done the right thing, but we had talked earlier that day about how her tops were getting too short for her, so I took her shopping for clothes in place of the playdate.  So appalled.  I couldn’t think of what else to do–there’s not a good kids movie out right now or we would have done that instead.

What I hate about people is how they are inconsiderate of others.  The friend did not sound happy to be calling, so I am wondering what actually went down.  Around here it’s hard to arrange playdates because everyone has soccer and karate and dance and slow-pitch softball and every other activity known to man arranged on a weekend, often months in advance.  You have to luck up to have the same weekends free.  This had been set up for several days.  I just don’t know what to think.




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