Another Essay Down

I got back another positive review on my second essay from my professor.  She suggested cutting the first paragraph but beyond that had nothing critical to say about it.  I wonder what she’ll think of my one for a grade next time.  I’m writing about when I actually lost my mind in the summer of 2005(my car wreck and Hurricane Katrina).  I had a limit of 2500 words and it’s a bit beyond that by maybe a hundred words.  Some variance is allowed though.

I’m starting to have a little less self-loathing.  I went back to bed this morning with no recriminations and no condemnation.  I just may have to accept that I need more sleep in the mornings to function and just leave it at that.  I don’t know.  I do feel better than I have been doing, so maybe the Pristiq is working.  That would be nice.   I need to function for this family to function properly.  I can’t just give up.  If it were just me, maybe I could.  But kids have to be fed and clothed and my husband needs care and feeding too.  I’m hoping this can be a permanent attitude change.  We will see.



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