So I went back to my therapist for a follow-up visit from my little episode last month, and she said I seemed to be doing a lot better,  We talked about my stressors and how to handle them, and we talked about how I was coping with the anxiety and the depression.  I told her my psychiatrist had upped my Pristiq and how that seemed to really be helping–I wasn’t self-loathing nearly as much as I had been and was coping with my frustrations in a much healthier way.

SHe asked about exercise and I  said I had started a yoga/Pilates class and how it really did seem to be helping me.  I discovered something last week when I went–when I’m there, I can’t concentrate on anything but what I’m doing there.  My mind doesn’t wander like it does during regular exercise.  She said that sounded good.

SO for now I am feeling a lot more confident in the future and in my ability to get things done within my limits.  WE will see what happens when life tightens up again after Valentine’s.  That’s when I’ve historically had the most trouble, between Valentine’s Day and MOther’s Day.  So hopefully we have already jumped on the problem with both feet and can keep me stable this year.  Please pray for me s I enter this difficult time.


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