Today yoga was impossible.  Several exercises I just sat out, others I hurt so much I could not continue with them.  I feel so frustrated with myself for being so out of shape and fat.  But I’m going to keep going so I can learn them and do them correctly.  I need to stick with some kind of exercise if I’m going to get anywhere in lessening my anxiety or getting healthy.  Please pray against discouragement for me in this exercise.

I slept in this morning but I still want to get back into the bed right now.  My doctor discontinued one of the new medications we had tried so I don’t know if that has made a difference or not.  And I’m on my third Dr. Pepper of the day.  I told my therapist that I’m coming around to the idea that maybe I just need more sleep than I used to  and more than other people do and I’m not hating myself quite as much for it.  She said that sounded like improvement in my mental state.  So I am trying to let go of high expectations and just do what I can do.\

Anyway.  I feel better now that I’ve written all this down.  I’m still sleepy but Bob will be coming in soon so I need to be awake for that.  My daughter’s sleepover is this weekend so I am preparing for that.  I hope she has a good little group of girls come over.  WE will see how that goes.




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