And Today. . .

 I went down for an afternoon nap.  So I’m not sure what that means.  I had to take my youngest daughter to the doctor today and keep the older one at home also.  So it’s been a long day.  At least the youngest isn’t as sick as the older one is.  I think the older one will be out tomorrow, too.  But we will see.

I am getting good feedback on my piece I wrote about the summer of 2005, the year my youngest was .  I had to keep it short because of the word count, so I am getting some comments that it’s rushed and not enough context.  So I will work more on that.  I have a teleconference with the professor tomorrow to discuss it.  I’m still waiting on some commentary to weigh in, so that total feedback isn’t yet complete.

I’m hoping to get some advice on how I can work on the whole manuscript.  I’m still vacillating between whether I’m writing a memoir or a series of essays about bipolar disorder.   Hopefully I can get some advice on that, too.  ANd talk to this professor about being on my thesis committee.  I think I will contact the department head on how that process works.

Hope everyone had a good Wednesday.  And have a good rest of the week.



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