On The Ward Again. . .

So I finally gave up and went back into the hospital.  I was feeling helpless, hopeless, and super angry at myself and everyone else.  So that’s where I’ve been since Friday. 

It actually went pretty well.  I told them my tale of woe about the insurance company and my old medicine, so they simply put me back on it and said they would file the paperwork with my insurance company to see  if they would cover the Abilify now that we could prove how  sick I got without it.   And Bob said even if the insurance company refused, we would just pay it out of pocket rather than me stay that sick.  So once they put me on it, I really improved quickly and returned to rational thinking faintly soon.  That was a good feeling.

So now I’m out and hopefully fully restored to rationality.  Hopefully I can have another long run of stability now that I’m back on Ability.



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