Mental Health Update

So I went to my therapist yesterday and talked about anger and stress. She told me the best thing to do with anger is verbalize it in a healthy way so as not to internalize it and let it grow into something big, like it had before I went to the hospital.  I had let myself get angry about some of my life choices in 2004 and what has happened since then, so I was dealing with some big-time anger issues and we’re going to develop a plan to work on that.

Saw my psychiatrist today and no one had gotten him the information that I was in the hospital last week.  So he was unpleasantly surprised by that.  But I assured him I was better, back on my Abilify, and that they had gotten the insurance to pay for it.  So he said he was glad of that and hoped I continued to do well.  WE made  a  follow up appointment for three months and I was on my way.

Been a long day.  I need to work on my schoolwork but have had trouble with motivation. I don’t’ know why I’m so slow about it this week.  I haven’t felt like settling down to reading anything.  But I’ll get it done.

Happy Hump Day tomorrow!



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