So we went to Mobile AL this weekend for dance competition,. The nice thing about it was we had Saturday to ourselves and went some fun places.  We went to the Exploreun Science  Museum and did a lot of the exhibits.  They had a special exhibit on  da Vinci and all of his scientific inventions , so that was interesting to see.

Then we went to the Bellingrath Gardens and Home exhibit a little south of Mobile and that was really fun.  60 acres of flower gardens, azalea bushes  higher than Bob’s head, huge stalks of bamboo, tons and tons of rose bushes.  Lots of water falls built out of artesian springs, a terracing system made out of native river rock.

The house was really lovely, too.  It wasn’t  antebellum, but was decorated in that style. It was really impressively kept.  The family had been the first Coke bottlers in Mobile and had no children they created a foundation  and trust to keep up the gardens and use the proceeds to support Christian schools and organizations.

Then we had the competition on SUnday and it was wearing. The girls did well–one group won first place in their division, another two groups won fifth and south in their group, one dance won best costuming, and one set of dancers was invited to the New York weekend for classes, workshops, etc.   It was a long day and we didn’t’ get home until midnight.



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