Forgot Again

to write yesterday.  But my youngest came home from her grandparent’s with the flu.  SO I spent yesterday at the doctor’s office and pharmacy and trying to get her relief from throwing up and stomachache.  SO I was busy.

I’m so sleepy.  She was up for about three hours last night throwing up.  SO I was up with her.  I’ ve laid down this morning but not slept watching out for her. And I’m off cokes so there aren’t’ any in the house. So I am really sleepy.

At least I don’t’ have anything pressing to do today.  So I am just going to hang out and see what happens.

Other than the sleepiness, I feel pretty decent. I’m so glad of that.  I turned in my latest essay and can’t wait to see what my professor says about it. I hope she likes it.

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