Sick Still

The youngest one seemed fine when we sent her to school, but she started complaining about her stomach hurting again once she got there.  I had headed out shopping with my oldest before my husband called to tell me the school called him and she was running a low-grade fever.  So we had to rush back and pick her up from school.  I have a doctor’s appointment set for 2:40 p.m. so we will see if it is a relapse and how long she will have to stay home from school.

I have a therapy appointment tomorrow that I ‘m too late to cancel.  So my oldest has agreed to take care of her tomorrow morning so I can go, I hate she is not having fun on her spring break.  But she goes back early so maybe she can have fun with her friends while she is there.

I’m trying to stay active and stay awake to take care of her.  It’s hard.  I have another essay due soon and will need to work that up soon.  I have three things I am wrestling with writing about–I want people to like it.  So I’m taking a Facebook vote on it and will see how the voting goes.

Hope everyone on spring break THIS week has a good one.  Hope it’s going better than mine.



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