Out and About

The youngest one went to school today so I went to my therapist’s appointment and that went well.  I talked about how frustrating the kids were being with different things, and we talked about different ways to handle that.  Talked about my writing and how it was going–told her that I wrote a piece everyone liked but I didn’t’ necessarily like it because it was a style I wasn’t used to writing in.  The assignment was to write out of our comfort zone, so I think I accomplished that.  I didn’t expect everyone to like it as much as they said they did.  So that was interesting.

Then since I didn’t get to take the oldest out yesterday for her spring break, we went today  for lunch at a little teahouse-style place  and wound up with her grandmother tagging along so she could take my oldest shopping for things she needs for her upcoming trip to Scotland this summer.  So she will have fun this afternoon.

So now I will try to concentrate on things around the house to do like laundry and cleaning up. My cleaning crew didn’t come today to make sure the flu was out of the house before they came over, so I have a little time to neaten up before they come.  Not sure how much I will get done, but I hope to try.

I can’t believe it’s midterms already.  I need to register for summer and fall in the next couple of weeks, so i’m having to think into the future a good while the next little bit.  I plan to take 20th Century Drama this summer and Forms in Nonfiction this fall; I’ll have the same professor for it that I do for the course I’m taking now. so that should be good to do. 20th Century Drama lasts all summer, which I will need to see if there is anything I need to do for the week I’ll be gone to Disney World.  I was hoping to just take a first-semester class, but they’re not offering a lit course like that.  So this is my only choice.

I guess that’s all that’s going on with me.  I’m feeling pretty good today–the sun is shining and I managed to get out of the house.  SO we will see what the rest of the day brings.  Hope everyone has a good day!


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