WEnt shopping this morning with the oldest to buy her some dresses for spring. WE had good luck–we found four that she liked right off the bat.  I found two tops I liked as well so that was a nice bonus.  We ate Chinese after shopping and had fund doing that.  We’ve just enjoyed spending time together these past few days.  She goes back tonight to meet with her physical therapist tomorrow morning to see what else they can do for her shoulders and upper back.  So we will miss her the last couple of days of spring break.  BUt I think she has plans with her friends as well so she won’t be lonely there, either.

The weather has been so nice here since SUnday, but they say the rain should start again soon and go through the weekend.  Easter is usually cold and rainy around here, so  I’m not surprised.  (Sorry my computer has a mind of its own today.  It’s deleting and marking things in my post for no reason.  Sorry for any confusion that may ensue).

I slept in this morning but haven’t had to nap any since then.  I’m still fasting from Cokes so am doing really well for not having hardly any caffeine.  I hope to continue to stay off of them so I can keep losing weight, also.  We will see how that goes.


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