So today was clean up day  trying to get over going without for so long with spring break and the youngest one being sick. WE got it all done.  So that was nice.  Now I want to go back to sleep.  But my bed is made so I won’t.  Only have a little while until the youngest comes home from school, so there’s not much I can get accomplished before that.  But I’ll manage.

I wish I didnt’ have to sleep all the time.  I’m so tired of being sleepy. But those are the side effects of my meds, so that is just the way it is.  I don’t like it, but I dont’ know what else I can do about it.

My moods are staying pretty stable now. I’m not thinking as illogically as I was before I went to the hospital.  I’m not catastrophizing everything out of proportion.  I just needed my ABilify to lift me out of the depression.  That is so good for me to know.  Hopefully someday I’ll get over the sleepiness and be able to accomplish more everyday. I’m looking forward to that day.




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