Another Strong Morning

I woke up good this morning again–I kept up with my youngest one until she went to wait for the bus and have stayed awake all morning.  The cleaning crew came again and we are back on a regular schedule.  I finished up my schoolwork for the week and can now relax from that since my essay that was due next week I’ve already turned in.  We will see how it goes.

Our church is having a revival this week and so far I’ve been to all the services.  My youngest wants to go back tonight, but they ran so late last night we’re unsure about her going again because it gets her to bed too late. I’ll probably go regardless unless Bob’s back is still cutting out on him.  Then I will need to stay home and help him.  Last night was about repentance and I had to pray that again, I will stop trying to take control of my life from GOd and let him be in control  I am so used to fighting for my independence and being proud of keeping my life under control myself.  I really need to pray that God is controlling me and not myself in my own strength.

I have a teleconference in thirty minutes for advising for summer and  fall semesters. I plan to take a literature course this summer and a forms course this fall. I’m going to be progressing at a snail’s pace through this but It’s the only way I know to be safe in doing it. I’ll be the eternal student in this program since so many people will finish in two years or four.  But that’s okay .  I don’t’ need to work until I have a few more years of stability under my belt anyway.  Get used to being in remission and feeling well.

Hope everyone is having a good week.  I am!  Keep reading!


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