Workshop II

 I have another essay up for workshop in my nonfiction class this week.  I keep checking online to see if anyone has commented yet.  I already know some things I will do to revise the essay, but I need suggestions for others.  This one is about being in the mental ward, what it is like.  I’m afraid people will find the entire experience mundane–nothing terribly dramatic has happened to me while I’ve been in them.  That’s part of the point of the essay–to destigmatize that label of mental illness and show that it’s treated in an enlightened and humane fashion now.  So that is what is going on in my life today.

We were going to have another computer installed today to replace our desktop that my husband uses.  Ever since we had an electrical outage, it wouldn’t log on to the internet.  My oldest daughter said twice it could be that the Wi-Fi connector might have been fried.  Turned out that the computer representative was an ethical sort and he tested that theory before taking down the old computer.   A new Wi-Fi stick and the thing worked like a charm.  So he called my husband and told him.  So glad he did.

Everyone goes back to school tomorrow from Easter Break.  My oldest left this afternoon and my other two go back to their local schools.  I go to lunch with my sister-in-law and try to resolve the pain that has been between us ever since I came into the family.  So pray for me as I try and do that tomorrow.

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