Lunch with my sister-in-law went well.  We had a good talk where she said she wanted nothing but the best for me and for me to be happy, whatever it took for that to happen, she hoped I found it.   She accepted my apology and said we might never be best friends, but she hoped we could do better than we had in the past.  I said that was my goal as well.  So I’m not sure what practical difference it will have in our lives, but hopefully it will end this veiled sniping at each other we’ve been doing for years.

I felt like I got in trouble again at workshop this week.  Our professor sent out an email to the entire group that she thought our comments on submissions were too focused on personal issues that came up in the submissions and not on interests of craft.  It’s a class in nonfiction writing and has inspired some pretty confessional essays on all of our parts.  Well, I was the only one that had commented on any of the pieces up for workshop that includes one of my own.  And I had been a little gushy because the subject matter was SO personal and brave to share.  I wanted to let the writer know how the words had affected me.  I’m only human.  WEll, I felt kicked in the teeth.  I wrote the professor and said I would change the critique to remove the personal comments and would try to do better in the future and went to bed.

This morning I got an email from the professor that she realized it looked like she was singling me out and that was not her intent.  She felt badly about sending it.  She said I was not the only one making these kinds of personal remarks.  So she sends out a email to the group saying she was not singling anyone out which made me feel better. But I was totally embarrassed by the whole thing.  ANd now it looks like the whole class is, too, because I m still the only one who has commented on the workshop pieces.  I hope some comments some in soon.

So it’s been kind of an emotional day for me.  But I’ve held up pretty well.  Last time I had workshop I wound up in the hospital before the week was out.  I think that was coincidental.  Correlation does not mean causation and all that jazz.  So we will see.




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