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Out and About

The youngest one went to school today so I went to my therapist’s appointment and that went well.  I talked about how frustrating the kids were being with different things, and we talked about different ways to handle that.  Talked about my writing and how it was going–told her that I wrote a piece everyone liked but I didn’t’ necessarily like it because it was a style I wasn’t used to writing in.  The assignment was to write out of our comfort zone, so I think I accomplished that.  I didn’t expect everyone to like it as much as they said they did.  So that was interesting.

Then since I didn’t get to take the oldest out yesterday for her spring break, we went today  for lunch at a little teahouse-style place  and wound up with her grandmother tagging along so she could take my oldest shopping for things she needs for her upcoming trip to Scotland this summer.  So she will have fun this afternoon.

So now I will try to concentrate on things around the house to do like laundry and cleaning up. My cleaning crew didn’t come today to make sure the flu was out of the house before they came over, so I have a little time to neaten up before they come.  Not sure how much I will get done, but I hope to try.

I can’t believe it’s midterms already.  I need to register for summer and fall in the next couple of weeks, so i’m having to think into the future a good while the next little bit.  I plan to take 20th Century Drama this summer and Forms in Nonfiction this fall; I’ll have the same professor for it that I do for the course I’m taking now. so that should be good to do. 20th Century Drama lasts all summer, which I will need to see if there is anything I need to do for the week I’ll be gone to Disney World.  I was hoping to just take a first-semester class, but they’re not offering a lit course like that.  So this is my only choice.

I guess that’s all that’s going on with me.  I’m feeling pretty good today–the sun is shining and I managed to get out of the house.  SO we will see what the rest of the day brings.  Hope everyone has a good day!


Sick Still

The youngest one seemed fine when we sent her to school, but she started complaining about her stomach hurting again once she got there.  I had headed out shopping with my oldest before my husband called to tell me the school called him and she was running a low-grade fever.  So we had to rush back and pick her up from school.  I have a doctor’s appointment set for 2:40 p.m. so we will see if it is a relapse and how long she will have to stay home from school.

I have a therapy appointment tomorrow that I ‘m too late to cancel.  So my oldest has agreed to take care of her tomorrow morning so I can go, I hate she is not having fun on her spring break.  But she goes back early so maybe she can have fun with her friends while she is there.

I’m trying to stay active and stay awake to take care of her.  It’s hard.  I have another essay due soon and will need to work that up soon.  I have three things I am wrestling with writing about–I want people to like it.  So I’m taking a Facebook vote on it and will see how the voting goes.

Hope everyone on spring break THIS week has a good one.  Hope it’s going better than mine.



Forgot Again

to write yesterday.  But my youngest came home from her grandparent’s with the flu.  SO I spent yesterday at the doctor’s office and pharmacy and trying to get her relief from throwing up and stomachache.  SO I was busy.

I’m so sleepy.  She was up for about three hours last night throwing up.  SO I was up with her.  I’ ve laid down this morning but not slept watching out for her. And I’m off cokes so there aren’t’ any in the house. So I am really sleepy.

At least I don’t’ have anything pressing to do today.  So I am just going to hang out and see what happens.

Other than the sleepiness, I feel pretty decent. I’m so glad of that.  I turned in my latest essay and can’t wait to see what my professor says about it. I hope she likes it.

I Forgot

To write yesterday.  So sorry.  I was tied up going to the doctor most of the day. I went to the dentist first for a cleaning, then went to my ob-gyn for that checkup. Went and voted in the primary for the Republican candidates for House and for president. Then came home and did laundry.  So I had a full day yesterday.

WEnt out to eat last night at Amerigo’s, a local chain of Italian places.  A new one had just opened up near us, so we checked it out. It was fine–I had the veal piccata with lump crabmeat and noodles, and Bob had three-cheese tortellini.  We split a brownie with ice cream afterwards.  So good.

All I have planned for today is going to gym class. I’ve missed the last three times because of the kids being sick. Then me going to the hospital then me gong to the doctor last week.  I almost don’t felt like going today.  But I will, I think.



So we went to Mobile AL this weekend for dance competition,. The nice thing about it was we had Saturday to ourselves and went some fun places.  We went to the Exploreun Science  Museum and did a lot of the exhibits.  They had a special exhibit on  da Vinci and all of his scientific inventions , so that was interesting to see.

Then we went to the Bellingrath Gardens and Home exhibit a little south of Mobile and that was really fun.  60 acres of flower gardens, azalea bushes  higher than Bob’s head, huge stalks of bamboo, tons and tons of rose bushes.  Lots of water falls built out of artesian springs, a terracing system made out of native river rock.

The house was really lovely, too.  It wasn’t  antebellum, but was decorated in that style. It was really impressively kept.  The family had been the first Coke bottlers in Mobile and had no children they created a foundation  and trust to keep up the gardens and use the proceeds to support Christian schools and organizations.

Then we had the competition on SUnday and it was wearing. The girls did well–one group won first place in their division, another two groups won fifth and south in their group, one dance won best costuming, and one set of dancers was invited to the New York weekend for classes, workshops, etc.   It was a long day and we didn’t’ get home until midnight.


Dance Competition Trip

So we head out tonight to Mobile, AL for a dance competition. I’m taking my Xanax with me just in case :).  We plan to visit places tomorrow and see what we can see then let the youngest dance all day Sunday while we watch from the audience.  So that is the plan so far.

We’ll be back Sunday night and the middle one will travel to Europe and the youngest will go see my mom for a few days.  SO I will be alone with BOb for part of Spring Break.  I think we will have a good time.  WE need some alone time, I think.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and a good Spring Break!



Wet Day

It’s raining some today and I’ve been out in it running errands trying to get ready for our trips.  I bought my middle daughter Dramamine for her trip to Europe.  Hopefully she can sleep on the plane so she won’t have so much anxiety.  She doesn’t like flying very much.  BUt hopefully she will enjoy the trip–she’s traveling through Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris.  I just want her  to enjoy herself and be safe coming home.  I also bought her her contact lenses for the next six months until her doctor’s appointment. Then I went to the grocery store and bought for tonight and Monday morning breakfast.

I slept in some today so feel pretty well-rested. I dont’ have long until my youngest comes home from school this afternoon.  I hope she has had a good day.

I feel so much better than I did.  I wish I had never gone off my medicine and could have stuck with it the entire time. But I guess it was for the best because the hospitalization may have been what convinced the insurance to cover it.  I saw one of my readers last night at church and she said she had started wondering if something was going on once I didn’t update the blog come Monday.  So it’s good to know there is someone out there reading that cares.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

More Doctor Visits

Went to see my internist today to check my cholesterol–he was glad to see I  wasn’t sick and was just in for a checkup.   So that ran me late to my yoga class, but I was starving and decided to go home and eat breakfast instead of getting there late. I felt bad about it but just wanted to eat so much.  I am glad to see my appetite is returning.  Maybe the rest of the depressive symptoms will ease up some more and I won’t be that way anymore!  We will see !

I go see my gynecologist next week and check on that kind of thing.  Then I will be through with doctors for a while, I think.  That will be a nice break.  I’m tired of hospitals and doctors right now.  Ive seen a few too many the past year.

My mood is pretty good today.  I’ve gotten work done for my class and packed today to go to Mobile AL for our spring break trip there for a competition. I just am not looking forward to it.  I am looking forward more to our trip the next weekend to go to Natchez, Ms.  I think that will be more fun.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.

Mental Health Update

So I went to my therapist yesterday and talked about anger and stress. She told me the best thing to do with anger is verbalize it in a healthy way so as not to internalize it and let it grow into something big, like it had before I went to the hospital.  I had let myself get angry about some of my life choices in 2004 and what has happened since then, so I was dealing with some big-time anger issues and we’re going to develop a plan to work on that.

Saw my psychiatrist today and no one had gotten him the information that I was in the hospital last week.  So he was unpleasantly surprised by that.  But I assured him I was better, back on my Abilify, and that they had gotten the insurance to pay for it.  So he said he was glad of that and hoped I continued to do well.  WE made  a  follow up appointment for three months and I was on my way.

Been a long day.  I need to work on my schoolwork but have had trouble with motivation. I don’t’ know why I’m so slow about it this week.  I haven’t felt like settling down to reading anything.  But I’ll get it done.

Happy Hump Day tomorrow!