Odd News

Some odd news.  I had entered a literary contest the first of this month where the online publication, NoiseMedium, said they would give their favorite submission $500 to publish and then publish the next 100 favorite submissions out of the ones they received for this contest.  So I found out today that I did not win the $500, but I am in the top 100 submissions so I will be published. Go figure. (I wonder how many total submissions there were?)   It’s an online-only journal, so I won’t get a  print copy, but the story will be archived on site for future reference.  It’s just as well that this particular story went to them–it’s almost a novella at 73 pages and would have had a hard time finding a traditional publisher.  It’s called “Looking For Home” and will appear on www.noisemedium.com. on April 22, 2016.  I look forward to seeing it.  (Wonder if they edited it down any?  We’ll see.)

Today was a really, really good day even before this news.  I’ve been awake all day with no sleepiness and finally completed my closet reorganization.  I’m saving my new clothes for a trip we’re taking for dance to Birmingham in a few weeks.  DId some cleaning up with other areas of the house and had a video conference about my work in my class at noon today.  I got a lot of really good suggestions to improve my essay.  And I handled it fine, took the comments in stride, etc.  SO hopefully the revision will work well and I can turn this one in as my final exam.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  Thanks for continuing to read and stopping by!




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